ISTD: Lost


ISTD: Lost

The Loss of the Authenticity of Communication due to the Development of Instant Communication Technology. 

To me, authenticity means honesty. 

The un-doctored nature of handwritten or manually crafted words and the potential for human error only increases the authenticity and humanity of written communication. This publication explores different kinds of manually crafted communication nd discusses its importance in the contemporary world.

Your Medicines Your Health


Don't Forget! Take Your Medicines Properly

Working in partnership with The Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board to create a system to improve medication adherence. I created a system where users would place stickrs around their homes as constant, but subtle reminders to take their medication. The stickers are accompanied by a slider to indicate where medication had been taken, a calender to keep a track of medication form day-to-day. The project aims to intercept people during their normal every day lives to create habits of better medication taking.  

Graduation Barbie


Graduation Barbie

This project comments on the way Mattel, the manufacturers of Barbie, puts a price on educational success . The 'Graduation Barbie' costs 3 times as much as a regular Barbie doll, and as Barbies motto is to inspire girls, they do so at a cost. Suggesting that inspiration to get a university leave education comes at a price. The doll is accompanied by a set of playing cards using the idea of the luck of the draw, as to whether or not a girl could afford to be inspired or not.